Kinetophone started in 2009 when René Duursma invited 5 musicians to work on a soundtrack for the 3 hour anti-war film J’Accuse (Abel Gance, 1919). Among those people where Sebastiaan Wiering and Thomas van den Berg. After a few try-outs with different musicians we gradually became what now is known as Kinetophone, a three piece music collective since 2013.

Our music is sometimes poppy, experimental, classical or a combination of all those things. From soundscape to waltz we just do what is needed for the film we are scoring. Our main goal is to make music to reinvent the perception of old classic silent films, or to let them be rediscovered by a new and ever expanding audience of film lovers. The same goes for the contemporary films we are scoring every now and then. We want to add a new layer to the film, to create a deeper understanding of the story.

Every film that we work on is like going on a trip to somewhere unknown. We discover new sonic parts of our instruments, and we love to create something completely new but familiar. We don’t shy away from using older classic songs if that works, and every film, every score, makes us understand more of who we are as musicians. And that’s where all the fun is to be found.

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